Our Mission and VISSION


With the power of technology and the strength of traditional methods, Swarajya India aims to manufacture and deliver a wide range of naturally-processed, chemical-free, filtered edible oils, like Sesame oil, Safflower oil, groundnut oil and coconut oil. True to our name, we want to create a society where everybody's free from health problems and leads a happy lifestyle.


Make natural, unrefined edible oils a part of every individual’s diet and empower people to live healthy, happy lives.

Our Story -How Swarajya India Came to Be…

It all started in 2012 when our founders Mr. Nitin More and Dr. Yogesh Talekar realized the lack of awareness of the health benefits of sesame oil among people. People were consuming heavy, fatty oils that caused many health problems such as high cholesterol levels and further complications.

To empower people to adopt a better and healthier lifestyle, the duo decided to start their own venture together, where they would manufacture pure, nutritious sesame oil using traditional manufacturing methods to retain the natural essence.

Thus, Swarajya India Enterprise was born.

The name ‘Swarajya India’ was chosen after a lot of thought and deliberation.

‘Swarajya’ in Marathi means ‘an independent nation’ and originates in the time of the legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, signifying the desire of our founders to stay true to their cultural and traditional roots.

‘India’ represents the pulse of the young, ambitious, and active youth of our country, who are technologically advanced and technically sound.

Together, Swarajya India Enterprise stands for a blend of technology and tradition, thereby combining the best of our past and present, to create a healthier future for the country!

Over the course of 8 short years, Swarajya has grown from a small manufacturer selling 50ml and 100ml sized bottles to an independent oil manufacturing company that is making a name for itself in the industry.

We set up our own cold-pressing unit in Tembhurni, Maharashtra, handling all the manufacturing and packaging at a state-of-the-art facility.

Our first product was Swarajya Til Oil - a pure extract of natural fresh sesame seeds - that is used for cooking. In 2018, we launched Swarajya Til Jyoti, a blend of sesame oil & vegetable lamp oil that burns long and bright and creates positive energy in the home. We then launched the Swarajya Cold-Pressed Til Oil, made using the traditional Maharashtrian Lakdi Ghana, which has extensive medicinal properties and a high amount of unsaturated fats.

Today, Swarajya India supplies sesame oil to over 4 states in India including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, and others. In addition, we also ship our products overseas with the help of our export partners.

Swarajya India intends to transform the way India eats, and empower people to shift to a healthier lifestyle.

Join us in our journey today!

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Our Manufacturing Process

Sesame Seed Cleaning

After sourcing the sesame seeds from the fields and farmers, we clean and sort the seeds until they are pure and ready for roasting. Following the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency, our workers ensure that all the impurities are removed completely, right in the first stage of the oil manufacturing process.

Sesame seed Pressing

After cleaning, sorting, destonning of seeds we then manufacture them in two ways

A. Cold press method-

Once the seeds are completely clean, they become ready for pressing. Using the ancient Indian tradition of Chekku or Lakdi Ghana, we cold-press the sesame seeds to extract the rich, thick sesame oil.

B. Hot press method -

Sesame Seed Roasting

Before pressing roasting of seeds is carried out. The roasting process is highly important as it affects the color, composition, and quality of the final oil. At Swarajya, we carefully roast the seeds to a toasty 70 to 90 degree Celcius in our state-of-the-art facility, to get the unique hazel color of the sesame oil.

Crude Sesame Oil Filtration

After all the oil has been extracted, we allow it to settle and then filter it through a heavy duty plate and frame filter , to obtain clear, unrefined sesame oil that is packed with nutrients.

Crude Sesame Oil Filtration

After all the oil has been extracted, we allow it to settle and then filter it through a heavy duty plate and frame filter , to obtain clear, unrefined sesame oil that is packed with nutrients.

Our Founders - The Pillars of Swarajya

Mr. Nitin More

Mr. Nitin holds a Bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management. His burning desire to start his own venture right after his graduation led him to Dr. Talekar. After discussing and brainstorming a lot of ideas, they found their niche in edible oil manufacturing and together founded Swarajya India.

Mr. Nitin handles the business development, marketing, vendor development and relationship, and operations aspects of the business.

Dr. Yogesh Talekar

Dr. Yogesh holds an M.Pharm and PhD. in Pharmacology and looks after product development, research and development, and finance. He has a vast experience in toxicological research which has helped Swarajya India to come up with innovative products that are backed by extensive research and development.