10 Benefits of Sesame oil

Sesame oil benefits

Best Benefits of Til Oil Reduces the risk of coronary disease According to ancient Ayurveda, til oil is said to have medicinal properties, which is true. Sesame oil contains two different types of antioxidants, which are good for your health. Consumption of til oil protects heart cells from being damaged.

It is also rich in fatty acids which are good for the heart. Thus, consuming til oil reduces the risk of coronary diseases. Helps improve bone strength Sesame oil can be used for pain relief. This use dates back to centuries and massaging with til oil is a common phenomenon.

Massaging joints and bones with sesame oil helps strengthen the bones and also reduces pain if there is any. Increases metabolism Sesame seeds are known to possess a chemical that helps the breakdown of fats. When fats are broken down fast, it increases the feeling of hunger, thus boosting the metabolism.

Til oil also contains certain fatty acids and proteins that help in increasing metabolism. Improves skin and hair health Til oil is also known for its antibacterial properties. Since it contains essential fatty acids, it is an excellent moisturizer and is a natural SPF, since it helps filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays to an extent. It also possesses anti-aging properties and is hence great to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. It is rich in vitamin E that protects the skin from being damaged by pollution.

Helps fight stress and depression Consuming foods that help in producing chemicals like serotonin that decrease stress, is important. Til oil contains tyrosine, which helps the activity of serotonin, which in turn boosts a positive mood and keeps stress and depression at bay! Helps control Blood pressure There are rich antioxidants in til oil which, if consumed regularly, helps maintain steady blood pressure, and decreases blood pressure in people who are hypertensive.

Creates a warm and calm ambiance The calming properties of sesame oil have been listed in Ayurveda. Its warm quality helps in the healing process and development of bones. The nutty aroma and natural scent of til oil create a soothing ambiance that brings peace and calm into your home. Due to this reason, and the fact that it burns bright without creating an odor or leaving black residue, sesame oil has been used in lamps for years.

Is a healthier alternative for cooking Since Til oil is considered as one of the healthiest oils, it is loaded with many essential nutrients and is a great alternative for heavy cooking oil. It can also be used regularly to prepare meals, and not just for special recipes. Has anti-inflammatory properties Another area in which til oil can help is anti-inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, til oil reduces swelling and inflammation. In addition, it soothes acne and does not clog pores. It is also used to heal wounds and burns, as well as skin conditions. Improves Oral health A tablespoon of sesame oil for cleaning the mouth can remove the plaque that is covering the teeth. It also helps in toxin-removal from the body. It improves oral health and is good for the gums and teeth. Til oil is a one-stop solution to solving multiple health problems. As we have seen above, the uses of til oil are not limited to just cooking. It can be used in many different ways, just drizzled on for aroma, for frying, in salads, as a skin soother among many other things. Since it has a positive impact on your overall health, regularly consuming til oil in small quantities can be beneficial to your health and can go a long way to keep you healthy and fit!

Sesame seeds have been a key ingredient in the regional cuisine since we can remember.