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We at Swarajya India create products that create positive vibes for our users.

Pooja Samagri

Swaraj India has carved a gap for itself as a one-stop answer for each religious need. To cater to the evolving wishes of humans everywhere in the world, we have extended our line of products in international markets to uplift religious sensibilities worldwide.

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We believe in the power of high quality moments and their cappotential to heal.

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Swarajya Sesame oil is best coz it is ...High Source of Unsaturated Fats. Helps in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Antioxidants to the Rescue. Lowers Blood Pressure. Great for the Skin. Helps Fight Stress and Depression.

Shreedhar Virade

Using the TIL JYOTI LAMP OIL and satisfied with the long lasting and gives a soothing aroma around. The product is highly recommended.

Sonali Sawant

I Made this Purchase (Tiljyoti Pooja oil ) for my Grandmother and she's in Love with this Product ❤️ Don't know the reason why she liked this Very Much 😅😃

Amazon Buyer

They have excellent products and would recommend using all of them.

Jeeya Pandey
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