Hanuman Janamotsav 2024 - Muharat and Rituals

Hanuman Janmotsav 2024 - Swarajya India
A blessed Hanuman Janmotsav

Celebrating Hanuman Janmashtami or Janmotsav!!

Hanuman, portrayed as the closest confidante of Lord Rama in the Ramayana and one revered by many faithful, is believed to be born on Chaitra Poornima. He traces his lineage to Vayu (wind), his father, and Anjani his mother. His immortal character makes him Chiranjeevi. The point of argument – Hanuman Jayanti or Hanuman Janmotsav, arises from this attribute. The Chiranjeevi attribute is also the pointer to the solution to this argument. 

Jayanti in Hindi means birth anniversary. An anniversary is celebrated only when the person is no longer alive. However, with Hanuman, Chiranjeevi, or immortal by character, there cannot be a Jayanti. It has to be a Utsav – birthday celebration of a live person. 

Swarajya India, the one umbrella for all puja ingredients, wishes all Hanuman faithfuls a blessed and joyous Hanuman Janmotsav!! Hanuman is strength. Therefore, every prayer and fast has to have that intensity.

The Rituals

Devotion to Hanuman as a deity gained theological significance around a millennium after Ramayana was composed, during the second millennium, almost around the advent of Islamic rule on the Indian subcontinent. This devotion resulted in the emergence of a group of devotees. 

Hanuman Janmotsav is celebrated across the nation at various periods. Much like the muhuratam, the ritual also differs across different regions to celebrate Hanuman Janamotsav. 

In most of north India, the Hanuman Mahotsav 2024 will be celebrated on April 24, the time of Chaitra Poornima. According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman was born at daybreak. In 2024, the Poornima falls on April 23. In Karnataka, the Janmotsav is celebrated on December 15. The time of observing Hanuman Janmotsav differs over many parts of India. The Hindu calendar puts the timing of the 2024 observance as early April morning at 03: 25 am and lasting until April 24 at 05:18 am. 

On Janmotsav day, the hanuman bhakts visit the temples seeking Hanuman’s blessings and security. They offer puja at the temples dedicated to him. After the rites or puja is completed, the faithful receive a portion of the oblation, Prasadam, offered to the deity. Thereafter they spend the day reciting Hanuman chalisa and the Ramayana - The story of lord Ram - The aastha of India.

Many of the faithful collect the colorful powder sindoor daubed on the idol and wear it on their foreheads as a sign of devotion. The deity, Hanuman, is seen as the epitome of fusion or strength and valor fused with loving, emotional devotion to Lord Rama. This confidante is perceived as the embodiment of both devotion and strength. 

The names of Bajrangbali and Anjaneya are attributes embodied in him, on these attributes. 

Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Muhurat and Timings Swarajya India

Faithfuls of Hanuman observe fast prior to the celebration of his birth. Abstaining from food ingredients specified in the faith, observing total abstinence from intoxicants. Reciting of the Hanuman Chalisa, according to Sanyasis, ought to begin on Tuesday or Saturday. They call for the rendition to be done all the way through.

People ought to conduct pujas in their homes and also attend the rites in temples closest to their homes. The use of tulsi or basil leaf has been recommended in the pooja. 

In a time and age when people search for the one brand that provides all their puja ingredients, Swarajya India comes as the ray of hope - providing all the ingredients required. The one brand that people trust with all the requirements – from the different oils used in pujas to the camphor and going as low down as the cleaner of the utensils used in the puja – Swarajya acts as the one-stop. 

Pooja Lamp Oil - Swarajya India

It is widely believed that the pujas ought to begin on Tuesday. The ‘til Jyoti lamp oil’ is believed to be of top quality in lighting up lamps and wicks at the start of the observance. Many believe that the Hanuman Chalisa ought to be recited numerous times to bring about spiritual peace and joy. In many homes, the burning of camphor is an essential ingredient in the start of religious rites. Devashree camphor is accepted as among the best among the many sought-after brands. 

Pooja Kapoor - Swarajya India

The rites in the temples begin with anointing the idol of Hanuman in pooja oil and colored vermillion. Puja is also offered to Lord Ram whose humble confidante Hanuman is depicted as.

Non Edible Pooja Ghee - Swarajya India

The ghee used in the many preparations for the puja is available in puja purity with Swarajya. Hanuman is said to be fond of many different kinds of Indian sweets. This is also reflected in the pujas, where many sweets are used. 


The puja to Hanuman, when conducted in its intensity, is said to benefit the faithful. It is said to bring much prosperity to the household and to material prosperity. May this Hanuman Janmotsav be the beginning of prosperity for all the faithful. Ensure that all the ingredients used in the puja to this god of strength are of the highest quality and its aroma pleases him enough for him to bless the household.


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